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Sentimental Connections through Personalization

by Nalisha Sookdeo | | | 0 Comments

At Giftsmith, personalization is our key ingredient for making every box unique to each recipient.

We achieve this personal touch by offering in house laser personalisation of our signature wood gift boxes, glasses, mugs…the sky is the limit!

We are able to add monograms and messages of your choice.

Personalisation is key to making a personal connection between the sender and the recipient.

Giftsmith wants to facilitate and solidify this connection.

A uniquely Giftsmith concept is our “Message in a Bottle”

We use deckled edge, handmade paper from Indiato print your personal message. The thinking behind this bespoke concept is having a true keepsake that will prove timeless and give the recipient the joy of having a time capsule filled with love and good wishes and will provide special a time of reflection with friends and family.The “Message in a Bottle” can celebrate births, weddings and anniversaries.

We want our personalization to create a strong sense of sentiment in the gift and this will uphold our desire that our gifts will melt hearts. We want our customers to connect over our boxes and with each-other and cherish them due to the personal touches applied to our gifts. We hope that our gifts and the personal engravings on them will create a strong and sincere connection between the giver and the recipient.

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