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Beard Bliss



The Giftsmith credo is to elevate the gift giving game. Men's gifts in general needed a serious rethink especially regarding grooming gifts. It is with this mindset, beard bliss was born.

A superior Boar bristle brush, made proudly in Canada, will keep his beard soft and lustrous, a luxurious Witch hazel and Jojoba beard oil, and an alluring beard balm with exotic notes of mahogany and amber will nourish his beard. A fun and functional beard kit adds the final touch to this gift, so his beard will shine in all its glory.

"Love your beard and it will love you back."



Damn Handsome Beard Kit

Boar Bristle Beard Brush

Peregrine Supply Beard Balm

Barr Co. Reserve Beard Oil

John Cooper Signature Body Wash by Hawk+Hatchett


***Kindly Note***


Please allow up to 1-3 business days processing time, prior to shipping and 3-5  business days processing time prior to shipping for gifts with laser engraving.


This giftbox contains

Damn Handsome Beard Kit
Boar Bristle Brush
Peregrine Supply Co. Beard Balm
Barr Co.Reserve Beard Oil
John Cooper Body Wash

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