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Black Magic Woman




The inspiration for this special gift started with a guitar riff by Carlos Santana...

A gift for a fabulously sultry and mysterious woman. 

You know the woman I mean. The kind of woman who exudes strength and never reveals all. Her deep, dark thoughts are reserved for her little black book. Her beauty regimen is just as dark and magical as she is. She soothes and exfoliates with ancient, black grains and a luscious scrub. A bamboo charcoal infused sponge gently removes all signs of (dare I say!) wear and tear. She sips on a rare black tea, grown atop the majestic Wuyi mountains, and savours the smoky notes of chocolate and roasted chestnut...of course she wears her nails in the perfect shade of the night sky.

Enjoy gifting this to a friend and loved one. One who will have fun embracing her dark side.




  • BKIND Facial Scrub
  • Silver Needle Tea Co. Black 

    Deep Dark Secrets Notebook

    Black Facial Grains by AnitaKo

    BKIND Nail Polish

    BKIND Bamboo Charcoal Infused Konjac Sponge


***Kindly Note***

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This giftbox contains

Deep Dark Secrets Notebook
Black Facial Grains
Bamboo Charcoal Konjac Sponge
Facial Scrub
Black Heart Nail Polish
Silver Needle Black Tea