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Going To The Chapel




A refreshing Giftsmith take on celebrating a new engagement.

I think the couple would love to draft their vows while sipping coffee from uber chic mugs that have a sleek copper bottom. They are sure to cherish their trinket dish, after all, "&" is a powerful word. It symbolizes the promise of something more and togetherness. The ingenious coffee bags will help give them a quick fix of chocolatey notes and roasted nuts, without the grind, so they can get on with their planning. 

Cheers to being engaged!



Fellow Junior  Mugs

"&" Trinket Dish

The Little Coffee Bag Co. Coffee

"Our Vows" Suede Notebook

Gem Pen


***Kindly Note***


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This giftbox contains

Fellow Mugs
"Our Vows" Notebook
Gem Pen
Trinket Dish
The Little Coffee Bag Co. Coffee