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The Cabin



A thoughtfully curated gift for those men who enjoy a beautiful whisky and intense card games on their weekend getaways to their cottage or cabin in the woods.

Muskoka maps etched on crystal glasses are a conversation piece, rich, creamy caramels spiked with Ardmore Scotch is a worthy treat and playing a game with exquisite cards makes the weekend that much more pleasurable. Soft scents of French Bourbon fill the air and create an atmosphere of pure relaxation... a fitting backdrop to a getaway.

Enjoy gifting this to a deserving cottage country loving man.




Map Of Muskoka Etched Whisky Glasses

Theory 11 Playing Cards

McCrea's Single Malt Scotch Caramels

Whisky Stones in Velvet Pouch

Signature Giftsmith French Bourbon Candle 

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This giftbox contains

Map of Muskoka Whisky Glasses
Whisky Stones
Luxury Playing Cards
Single Malt Scotch Caramels
Giftsmith French Bourbon Candle