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The Zero 75




A zero alcohol take on the famous French 75. A recipe created by @mdnicolmakes.

A true love affair between a zero alcohol Prosecco by Gruvi and Sobrii0 Gin, a homegrown, non alcoholic gin, made from botanicals with no artificial flavours and distilled in Stratford, Ontario.

Now add an exceptional Muskoka Cranberry and Rosemary syrup, lovingly made by Amy and Zac Kvas in cottage country.This syrup is the perfect addition to this twist on the French 75, a Cosmo and even your favourite Negroni.

Coupe glasses are the perfect choice for gin drinkers, as it allows you to appreciate the subtle nuances of the fresh botanicals. Starburst coupes add the finishing touch to this gift.

Enjoy exploring sober curiosity with no compromise on flavour or experience.




Sobrii0 Gin

Gruvi Non Alcoholic Prosecco 

Starburst Coupe Glasses

Muskoka Cranberry Rosemary Syrup by Kvas


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This giftbox contains

Sobrii0 Gin
Gruvi Prosecco
Cranberry Rosemary Syrup
Coupe Glasses